z. Ascension Gateway Skincare System

z. Ascension Gateway Skincare System

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Ascension Gateway Package

By Infynite Gold: Consciously Created, all Natural Skincare for the Mind Body and Spirit

Once a Day Practice, Step 1:

Ascension Activator Third:  Accelerate and Expand your Conscious Evolution!  This Gold oil is programed with specific Scalar Energetics to open your 3rd eye and upgrade & accelerate DNA activation.  Amplify your molecular structure to the highest level. It also includes the frequencies of Sacred Heart activation & Life Purpose Activation.

Activation Ceremony:

Directions: Place applicator to the top of your head to anoint your crown… Focus on and state,  “I am Divinely Aligned.”

Touch the applicator to your Third Eye… Focus on and state, “I am activating my Third Eye.”

Touch the applicator to your Zeal Point, or God Chakra at the hollow of the base of your skull… Focus on and state, “I am activating telepathic communication”.

Touch the applicator to your Throat Chakra… Focus on and state, “I am enhancing clear communication.”

Touch the applicator to your High Heart (Thymus) Chakra… Focus on and state, “I am  activating my Sacred Heart.”

Touch the applicator to your Solar Plexus… Focus on and state, “I am aligning my will with my Sacred Hearts mission.”

Touch the applicator to your Sacral Chakra, below your belly button… focus on and state, “I am the Stargate of my Creation.”

Touch the applicator to your Root Chakra, at base of spine… focus on and state, “I am rewriting my past to support thriving in the present and future.”

Once complete, state your desired outcomes and emanate out any intentions you have to the Universe. Include: “I AM reprogramming my DNA activating and accelerating the Highest Evolution of Humanity and Beyond.”

Twice Daily Practice, Step 2:

Awakening Accelerating Elixir:  This Limited Edition Elixir is programed with the frequencies of "Integrating Higher Frequency Downloads with Ease" and "Activating the Dormant DNA, (otherwise known as Divine Codes)".  DNA is cleared of lower frequencies and downloaded with the highest level of Conscious upgrades allowing you to bring in the capacity to embrace Higher levels of personal evolution and purpose.  

Directions:Create your own intention. Place 2 drops twice daily on your wrist (pulse points) stating this same intention with each application, until the bottle is emptied.  Add this to your Awakening Activator Ceremony for optimal results.

By making your skincare a Conscious ritual, you are amplifying and accelerating your desired outcomes. State aloud the  “I am” statements while applying:

Step 1

24k Gold Ascension Toner: Set the Tone For your Conscious Creation.

Directions: Apply toner to clean dry face morning and night before using the 24k Gold Rejuvenation Serum.  Apply throughout the day for a radiant glow all day long!

“I am Consciously Creating________through Divine Alignment with my Highest Purpose and my most accelerated Path of Ascension.”

A refreshing and revitalizing toner that instantly awakens the skin. 24k Gold Ascension Toner has a sweet aroma and you will fully enjoy the high frequency results it exudes.

Step 2

24k Gold Rejuvenation Serum

Directions: Apply small amount to clean dry face in the morning and at night before using a moisturizer (such as an Infynite Gold moisturizer). Be sure to use the I AM statement as you apply!

“I AM activating my DNA, upgrading to the next level of my personal evolution"

Infynite Gold 24k Gold Rejuvenation Serum instantly tightens and firms the skin and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for face, neck, and decollete. Find out what everyone is raving about! Not only does our 24k Gold Rejuvenation Serum turn back the clock, it also tightens droopy eyelids and reduces chin sag with Ormus and 3 Particles of Gold. Containing a double dose of a unique Ormus solution and Scalar imprints, you will see the difference each time you use this powerful breakthrough product! BE WOWED in just days!

Please note: If you are using other daily skincare products this is the order you would use them: These products are designed to add to any skincare routine you are currently doing.

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Specialty creams (Eye Cream, Luxury Cream
  • Moisturizer