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Starseed Transverse Element Liquid Gold Body Lotion | Infynite Gold
Starseed Transverse Element Liquid Gold Body Lotion | Infynite Gold

Starseed Transverse Element Liquid Gold Body Lotion

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This lotion holds  the frequency to advance and upgrades Bloodlines.  Using advanced Energy Grids held within the Divine Matrix, this is a frequency based product developed to support the transition of plasma to the NEW Earth Frequencies.  As we advance into the light body, the blood changes.  Liquid Gold Body Lotion supports this transition allowing more light to enter the blood or our life line.  The Transverse Element Supports the Cells and molecules as well as activates the DNA.  This is not just Body Lotion!  It is A Transmission From the Stars!

"The Key Codes in the Stars are connected to the earth.  They interlock, creating the vehicle of cosmic travel. A pyramid on top of a pyramid opens the doorway to a cycle of rebirth into the cosmic pattern of the genetic transformation of human kind in the frequency of expansion.  The expansion is in the High Heart and it creates a catapult of tiny particles that attach to the Key Codes of the Stars.  It is in this connection that the hydrogen atom moves into the nucleus of the cells of the bloodline.  The plasma activates in a spiral motion gaining speed that creates light force grids inside the cells bringing space and time into an extended lapse or stillness.  In the stillness the body is reset, being born from new particles. 
Once the Transverse Element is absorbed, a matrix of color is downloaded through the pyramids bringing in cosmic breath.  It is the breath of all creation, holding the hydrogen of Light.  This hydrogen atom will continually absorb into the plasma, creating a color wheel from the prism of the Eye of God. This will allow the absorption of the Transverse Element to expand into the blueprint of the New Human.  Each process is raising the frequency of the heart’s electric responses, allowing more Key Codes to awaken.  As the Key Codes awaken the plasma creates the bloodline of cosmic relations.... connecting the New Human to the Divine Matrix, an interwoven light grid that is created in the transition from density to light.  The light grid leaves a pathway for all of humanity to connect too.  A light manual of ascension.  
The Bloodline of Light is a connection of intelligence within the star system and beyond.  The connection itself is the Element of source.  Ask for the Light
Code of connection to absorb into your extended Bloodline.  The Bloodline begins within the God Particle, or Creator.  This connection inside the plasma of your blood is connecting to the Lifeline of the Creator.  It is the release of duality.  See the colors of the prism start to spin as  the pyramid on top of a pyramid creates the hologram of the Gateway.  When the colors merge into one light, you will enter the Lifeline of The Ascended Soul, bending time and space into the Blueprint of the New Earth." 
-The Council of Light