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x. CBD Pet OIl

x. CBD Pet OIl

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This package is designed for every pet owner. Loving your pet has gone to a whole new level!!

The HIGH Frequency Healing CBD Oil with THC Intelligence For Pets is designed to support healing and health for your furry friend. It is great for skin irritations, tumors, anxiety, and overall wellbeing.
Ingredients: Cannabis, Avocado Oil, HEMP, ORMUS. Frequencies of Full Pet Balance.
Directions: Place oil on wounds, tumors, or on the inside of the leg 3 to 4 drops twice daily.

"About a week ago I received my order from Infynite Gold. I had spoken to Jewels about my desires and certain things that I was feeling and also an issue with my little Schnauzer Annie whom is 13 years old. Annie had a little lump on her back hip that she licked all the time and I shared that with Jewels and she had me send a picture of Annie and myself. She then created a formula for Annie and I. Two separate bottles that I use two drops and for Annie I put four drops on her lump. Jewels recommended that I figure out the energy between Annie and I that needed to be healed. This is what I came up with; “We both needed to feel more light hearted and playful in life and embrace the love in life!” When I first started putting the drops on Annie…she was very touchy and would hardly let me touch the area. Now I rub the drops in hard and massage the area. It is getting smaller and smaller. She now drags all of her toys out and squeaks them and wants to play a lot!! I too have felt lighter and more joy. We are raising both of our vibrations and feeling the miracles of these products."

Bonnie K.- Eaton, CO

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Cannabis, HEMP, ORMUS, Energetic Imprints of Clearing for Parents to support health of their furry friends, Full body Balance, Pet balance.

Directions: Take 1 or 2 drops under the tongue or on pulse points up to 6 times a day as needed.
Package contains 1 oz Pet oil and 1 oz Parent Tincture 

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