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OMcodes Abundance and Expansion Elixir | Infynite Gold

OMcodes Abundance and Expansion Elixir

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Advanced Bio-genetics

Our goal is to provide an alternative gateway product that will upgrade your genetics and expand consciousness by using a cutting edge delivery system that advances human potential.  Our results prove the best way to advance in consciousness and create a new reality is by raising frequency, reprogramming genetics and elevating beyond the 3D limitations.

Using the OMcodes Expansion and Abundance Elixir:

Take some time to reflect on your I AM statement that will go with the OMcodes. This is an intention you want to Create in your life. Make it something BIG. You want to challenge yourself to bring in a frequency that is higher than where you currently are. This will set you up to release density and bring in higher frequencies!

Throughout the 30 day journey you will be doing  activations that hold frequencies to bring you into deeper levels of awareness and awakening. These frequencies are designed to hold expansion and enhance your Divine connection. Awaken to the magic you experience around you and celebrate each moment! The more you witness Divine intelligence in your daily life the more magic you will receive. The next 30 days will awaken your sacred cells allowing Divine Frequencies to activate the codons of the DNA and upgrade genetics. This opens the gateway to your highest potential. 


Shifting into higher timelines while still living in 3rd Density: Take your life to the next level!

Expanding in Consciousness is releasing old programs and beliefs that no longer serve you (or that were never really yours to begin with).  This is a practice of Consciously choosing the thoughts you engage in and embracing the potential of experiencing what is possible or creating the impossible!  You are a Creator Being and this is your playground. You are becoming what I call The New Human, as you open to your fullest potential and activate the Sacred Genetic Markers!