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Immune Boosting and Frequency Enhancing Package
Immune Boosting and Frequency Enhancing Package

Immune Boosting and Frequency Enhancing Package

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Transform and reprogram your cells to hold Life Force Energy and Divine Intelligence allowing you to raise your frequency and support Health and Vitality!  We have the ability to consciously create Health with our Mind, Body, Spirit connection.   The Biology of Belief is Proven!  Let us use our Consciousness to Elevate our Cells to Existing Beyond Degeneration, Viruses, and Disease.... Reprogram our cells to AGE in Reverse!

This package includes:

* IMMUNITY Scalar energy transmission will run until the Virus has subsided. The scalar energies will boost your immunity with higher levels of frequency to support your cells, oxygen flow and overall health. This is done through 2 programs working with the cells and body specifically for the COV19 on 3 different sequences supporting and amplifying the health of the cells creating a barrier of protection from penetration. This program will run until the virus subsides.

* IBCU (Immune Booster Cellular Upgrade)Elixir to support you in elevating your frequency which holds the cells in a vibration higher than the coronavirus. The Gold and ORMUS in this Elixir penetrates and activates the DNA raising the frequency of the cells above the frequency of the virus to minimize penetration of the cell.

* Healing Blue Light Activation to raise your cellular structure by energetically circulating the oxygen that feeds your cells at a higher frequency. We call in the blue light to heal, protect and raise our vibration above the frequency where the coronavirus exists.