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High Frequency Healing Therapeutic Lotion

High Frequency Healing Therapeutic Lotion

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Extra Strength HEMP Infusion with ORMUS, Elements, gold, THC Intelligence and Energetic, Imprints

We take the CBD derived from hemp molecules and blend it ORMUS elements.  The ORMUS boosts the healing properties and advances life force energy.  We then take the cannabis pant and break it down to the mono-atomic level and put it into a spin state allowing it to express the intelligence of THC. Then Scalar energy energy is downloaded into the products allowing the THC to express all it's properties without it altering mood or showing up in the bloodstream!  

This is Therapy! Advanced ORMUS elements and Gold are added to the a full spectrum hemp plant to create a lotion that supports healing on an advanced level! A must have for all. 2 oz
Ingredients: Persa Ameracana, ORMUS Elements, Organic Emulsifying wax NF, Steric acid, Nano Gold, Postassium sorbate,
Chamaemelum Nobile, Boswellia, menthone. Energetic Imprints of repaired DNA, CBD, THC, Telomere Repair, Bone-muscle-soft tissue repair and Full Body Balance and Vitality. Directions: Apply to desired area as needed for pain and or healing.
Directions: Apply small amount to desired areas as needed up to 8 times daily.

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