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Skin Tag Remover Kit | Infynite Gold

Skin Tag Remover Kit

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Skin Tag Remover Kit!  Also for Moles, warts, and many skin aliments. 

Targeting both external and internal this kit is uses 2 products to give you results!!

The Skin Tag Remover Roll-on is designed with cutting edge ORMUS Elements that holds the frequencies to diminish skin tags at the core as well as all the natural ingredients that work! 

Skin tags are benign, noncancerous, tumors of the skin. They commonly occur in creases or folds of the skin.  A skin tag is a small piece of soft, hanging skin that may have a peduncle or stalk. They can appear anywhere on the body, but especially where skin rubs against other skin or clothing. They consist of a core of fibers and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells, and a covering or epidermis. They are not dangerous, but they can be removed for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons.

Directions: Apply to areas of concern 2x daily.

  • Sensitive areas
  • Under the arms and arm pits
  • On the neck and face
  • Stomach, torso and groin area
  • On the legs and feet

Step 2: Skin Tag Remover: Cell Coded Elixir

This Ormus Elixir is created by working with your cells, genetics and DNA to erase the markers that create skin tags!  This is taking Skin Tag Removal to a cellular level!!

Directions:  Take 2 to 3 drops under the tongue or in your water bottle 2x daily.