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DECU Soul Talk Package C | Infynite Gold

DECU Soul Talk Package C

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4 weekly live group calls: A NEW You Makeover workshop $450  Each week we will identify programs of aging and upgrade the intelligence of the cells to Eternal youth!  1 hour each  

4 Bio-genetic anti-aging activations $200  An activation for each week!  Over the course of 4 weeks each activation is created to clear, cancel and delete the aging agreement while upgrading the cells to hold the frequency of Eternal Youth!


1 OMcodes Bio-genetic code Elixir:  Activation the Codes of Eternal Youth $150  This elixir holds the genetic recoding of Youth and vitality!  Activate your genetic marker of rejuvenation!

Directions:  Place 3 drops under the tongue 2 times daily while stating, “I delete my genetic marker of degeneration.  I activate my genetic marker of Rejuvenation.” Now watch the transformation. Then say, “Thank you, it is done”

1  OMcodes Bio-genetic Eternal Youth Frequency activator: Liquid Gold Facial oil $110  This ORMUS gold facial oil holds the frequencies of bio-genetic codes to rewire the cells to hold the intelligence of Rejuvenation!  Liquid crystal is added to amplify the frequencies giving your cells a complete transformational experience with each use!

Directions:  Apply a small amount onto face and neck in the evening after the Toning mist.  

1 OMcodes Cellular Eternal Youth ORMUS Gold Toning Mist $60  This Toning mist has an invigorating aroma that will activate the pineal gland to hold the vision of the NEW You!  Created to upgrade your cells to hold the frequency of Eternal Youth, you will feel the energy with every use!

Directions:  Spritz onto clean dry face before your serum or moisturizer.  State aloud, “I am upgrading my cells to the Frequency of Eternal Youth Now.  Thank you it is done” Witness the energy entering your cells.

1 DECU Face Reading from Erika $150  DECU Face Readings. These sessions will be done over zoom. Reading the lines and expressions of your face you will become aware of places in your life you hold density.  Bringing in higher frequency vibrations you will learn to clear energy patterns in your face, layer of the skin and restore your radiance

1 30 minute Bio-genetic Activation from Jewels: $160: This session activates and awakens the uncoded genes to hold the frequencies of Eternal youth and deletes the codes of degeneration.  Code the cells to hold the intelligence of rejuvenation! 

1 Rapid Lift: Genetic coded Bee Venom Serum: $150   A synergistic combination of deeply nourishing, advanced ingredient Bee Venom and precious gold. This serum intensively moisturizes the skin while stimulating collagen production and plumps the skin. Creating a long-term plumping effect on all layers of the skin, you will see those Fine lines and wrinkles smooth and reduced. Gold illuminates and bring radiance to the skin while the scalar energy held in the ormus gold work with the cells to hold the intelligence of Eternal Youth.  

Directions:  Apply a small amount to face and neck morning and evening after the Toning mist.  State aloud, “My cells are rejuvenating in the frequency of Eternal Youth”

1 Genetic coding Activation $75 This Activation manipulates the genome using scalar codes within molecular transformation.Using consciousness and intention your Genes are modified to hold the frequency of rejuvenation and eternal Youth.

1 Diamond Dust Face Mask $99  Liquid Gold!  This Diamond Dust mask raises the frequency of your cells and rewires the consciousness of your skin to Eternal Youth!  There is nothing out there like this! We are taking skincare to the NEW Earth and are coding the NEW Human!  

Directions:  Apply mask to clean dry face in a circular motion to exfoliate the top layer of the skin.  Let sit for 11 minutes while listening to the Genetic coding activation once a week. Rinse with warm water and apply the Toning mist, Facial oil and Genetic coding Serum.  

FREE for the first 10 orders!  Digital class! 3 day Meda-spa Makeover!! This course will give YOU the power to choose how you want to age, opening the gateway of your life beyond what you know in the now. Eternal Gold products have intelligence that will assist you in reaching your highest potential!   $150 Value