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OMcodes Elixir Wish For Manifesting | Infynite Gold

OMcodes Elixir Wish For Manifesting

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"Manifesting is one way we will start to live in the New Earth, in the now. By listening to the guidance of your heart, your true desires will be pure and inline with the truth. Standing in the now creates a portal that connects you to the frequency of higher dimensions in spherical form. Vibrate within the frequency of love and release the need to know why or how. Creating from the lower mind is creating from old thought programs, for the lower mind has no concept of multi dimensional realities. Connect to the vibration of love in the sacred heart and create to the New Earth creating freedom. This will feel uncomfortable at first but trust that it is happening. Third dimensional thinking cannot have a concept of this, so you will start by creating in the unknown space. As your programs dissolve and illusion is shattered, you will be able to watch your creations as they manifest because your heart and brain will work together creating a channel into the higher realms where creating is no longer linear but spherical.  Spherical creation is a state of consciousness that is available to you in every moment. As you connect to the New Earth Matrix, you will have a new understanding of manifesting. Stay in the vibration of love and all will be as it should. When worry comes in, allow the thoughts to come fully into consciousness so you can release through the heart. The synapse responses of the heart will use these moments to reprogram into higher frequencies. This can happen quicker if the lower frequencies are brought into awareness. Awareness is all that is needed to clear them. Name them for what they are and they will release from your programing.

Start manifesting by letting go of the need to have a plan or needing to know how and why. . The energies of your higher thoughts are strong enough that you will start to create at an accelerated rate. Listen, do... It is done. This is all you need to do be doing. Listen for the guidance, for it is always there. Do what is being asked of you… and allow the magic to happen. Time in your reality is bending in half, making the future more tangible in the now. Focus on your Sacred Heart and open the gateway into the New Earth. The Third Dimensional way of manifesting cannot exist in the gateway. You are the gateway. Open your heart and you will create the New Earth. "

-The Council of Light

Directions:  Place 2 drops on your heart chakra, the bottom of your feet and on your temples morning and night stating your Wish.

Ingredients: Activated water, ORMUS, Nano Gold, Scalar Energy of the New Earth Matrix.