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OMcodes  CBD oil for Sleep 350mg

OMcodes CBD oil for Sleep 350mg

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This CBD oil is designed to aid sleep patterns and support the Adrenal glands.  A perfect blend of Indica Hemp CBD with THC intelligence will support you into a relaxed state of being before drifting off into dream land.  Lavender is added for its sleep qualities, giving you a Full Spectrum CBD experience with all the Energetic Scalar Imprints, such as Adrenals and immune responses, that help bring the body into balance.  See the difference HIGH Frequency Healing Sleep and Adrenal support CBD oil can do for you!

Ingredients: Cannabis sativa, Persea Gratissima, alcohol, ORMUS, nano gold, Lavender, Frequencies of Cannabis plant (THC), Sleep rhythm, Adrenal Support, Melatonin, DNA repair, Cell Repair, Immune Support, Full body Balance.

Directions: Take 2 or 3 drops on pulse points at bedtime.