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OMcodes CBD oil 1000mg

OMcodes CBD oil 1000mg

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This high quality all natural Hemp (CBD) oil is Full Spectrum with THC Intelligence.  Enjoy all the benefits of the full Cannabis plant (THC and CBD) without the side effects or mood alterations!  We add Nano gold so the Cannabis Sativa can fully absorb through the skin into the bloodstream so you can get all the benefits out of each bottle.  ORMUS Elements are then added to give you cutting edge technology that scientist are finding repair DNA and speed up healing!  *These statements are not medical advice. 

What is Activated or Structured CBD?

Structured CBD forms on the surface of the molecule when it is exposed to light or light rays.  The visible light spectrum and ultraviolet light will create structured CBD, but infrared light is the most powerful.  Regular CBD is healing, but when structured CBD is formed, it turns into a power house. The extra energy that is held in the product accelerates the healing properties and brings in more life force energy.  


I wanted to let you know how I am doing with the Infynite Gold CBD products.  I can say definitively that Infynite Gold has caused a significant reduction in my pain and inflammation, as well as vast improvement in my mood and ability to get restful sleep. Due to a combination of factors, including a spider bite, I developed sudden onset arthritis, swelling and intense pain and burning sensations, as well as numbness in the hands.  Over the course of six months, I tried homeopathics, herbs, teas, dietary changes, essential oils, body work, chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation, and energy medicine from various healers.  I achieved some  relief, but serious issues remained. Before trying Infynite Gold, several fingers remained swollen and painful.  I had very little manual dexterity and no grip strength.  I couldn't close my hands fully or open them flat.  It felt as though the tendons and ligaments were inflamed and painful when used.  Electromagnet fields coming off electronic devices caused intense burning sensations in the hands, so I couldn't hold a cell phone or work on a computer for very long.  Everything I touched, including soft fabric, felt like rough sandpaper.  Also, the pain and inflammation was spreading to other joints in the body.  This ordeal had left me very depressed.