aa. Free Sample! Renewing Face Cream

aa. Free Sample! Renewing Face Cream

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Find out for yourself what dermatologists, estheticians, scientists, researchers and natural health experts are raving about! Infynite Gold is an all-natural organic skincare line consciously created in the Rocky Mountains with Gold, ORMUS, and Energetic Intelligence. Restore yourself to the state of natural vitality with our powerful line of healing and anti-aging products. We know you will love our products!

Infynite Gold's High Frequency Skin Care Line's success is based on its luxurious ingredients, which produce and restore brilliance. Infynite Gold reduces wrinkles after just 2 to 3 weeks of use, yet this is only the beginning of the transformation you will see. A powerful, healing breakthrough, this revitalizing cream replenishes the skin's energy using gold. Promoting cell metabolism and stimulating collagen production, your skin will retain optimal health and youthful vitality. Skin looks more resilient, firmer and refined. Complexion is more radiant and youthful-looking. Appearance of dark spots is diminished. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized.

*Enjoy a free 10 ml sample of the Infynite Gold Renewing Face Cream. Just pay shipping and handling!  

*Limit one per person. 

Ingredients:  Simmondsia,  Persea gratissima, Ormus, organic coco butter, organic castor oil, nano gold 99.9%  colloidal silver 99.9%, mono-lauren. Ferulic acid, Noacinamide,  Copper Peptides, DL-Panthenol Ceramides, Ceramide np, ap, EOP, phytosphingosin, Essential oils of Boswellia scara, Citrus sinensis, Chamaemelum nobile, Citrus linonum, Rosa damascene. Scalar imprints of repaired DNA, telomeres, HGH, Peptides, stem cells, colon and liver support, collagen repair and production, longevity, UV protection, brings oxygen to cells, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, absorbic acid, silicon, sulfur, biotin, arginine, pectin, sunburn repair, works on every level of skin repairing and rejuvenating.1 oz.

Directions:  Apply small amount to face and neck after toner. This product can be used morning and night.  

Infynite Gold Skincare Products are Consciously Made in the U.S.A. in the Rocky Mountains. We’re Proud to Be Organic, All Natural, Non-Toxic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan. We Utilize Sustainable, Non-Toxic Ingredients and Packaging.