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OMcodes Elixir Transcendence Activator Set

OMcodes Elixir Transcendence Activator Set

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Transcendence Daily Practice

ORMUS Gold Transcendence Elixir: Limited Edition

Directions:  Apply 2 to 3 drops on your wrist or pulse points stating your intention aloud twice daily until bottle is empty.

Ingredients: ORMUS Elements, Nano Gold, Boswellia, Frequencies downloaded from Comet Wirtanen and the Council of Light with the purpose of Awakening.

Ascension Activator Third Eye Oil:  

Draw the Star of David on your Sacred Heart and rest your hands there while stating the following:

“I resonate with the Keys of Light within the pyramid, as it programs my DNA through the Eye of God.  The hydrogen atom controls the spin, opening the Gateway to my highest evolution; fusing time, space and matter.  I ask the transverse element be absorbed everyday through the life giving form of the Star of David. I am the New Human walking upon the New Earth. Thank you, I love you, it is done🙏”

Accelerate and Expand your Conscious Evolution!  This Gold oil is programed with specific Scalar Energetics to upgrade and accelerate DNA activation.  Amplify your molecular structure to the highest level. It also includes the frequencies of a Third Eye Activation,  Sacred Heart activation, Life Purpose Activation as well as the Downloads from the Wirtanen Comet and the Council of Light for the purpose of Awakening

Activating The Gateway of Creation Ceremony:

Place applicator to the top of your head to anoint your crown… Focus on Divine Alignment.

Touch the applicator to your Third Eye… Focus on Activating the Third Eye.

Touch the applicator to your Zeal Point, or God Chakra at the hollow of the base of your skull… Focus on Activating Telepathic communication.

Touch the applicator to your Throat Chakra… Focus on enhancing clear communication.

Touch the applicator to your high/thymus Heart Chakra… Focus on activating the Sacred Heart.

Touch the applicator to your Solar Plexus… Focus on aligning your will with your Sacred Heart mission.

Touch the applicator to your Sacral Chakra, below your belly button… focus on being the Stargate of your Creation.

Touch the applicator to your Root Chakra… focus on rewriting your past to support thriving in the present and future.

Once complete state your I AM statement and emanate out any intentions you have to the Universe…

***Then Be the Witness of the Miracle of Creating with the Universe and Stay open to any Guidance coming to you.